2017 Plant Sale

Our annual Plant Sale is GMMG’s main fundraiser of the year. It jointly benefits Lumpkin County 4-H by providing funding for students who otherwise would not be able to attend 4-H camps and other enrichment programs. All proceeds from our annual plant sale are used right here in our community for both 4-H and Georgia Mountains Master Gardeners’ projects. We were extremely pleased that profits from both the 2015 and 2016 Plant Sales each provided funds of nearly $2,000 for Lumpkin County 4-H. In 2016, these profits also allowed GMMG to begin awarding an annual college scholarship at Lumpkin County High School!

Echinea Summer Sky

One of the major types of plants we offer each year are those that attract pollinators to our gardens. Pollinators include many different insects and birds. Butterflies are major pollinators, moving from flower to flower and spreading pollen. Bees are important in keeping our food web functioning, plus eighty-five percent of flowering plants and trees rely on pollinators for survival. Bee populations are declining but gardeners can help by planting herbs and flowers that are not only useful to us, but are also useful to pollinators. Be sure to choose plants from local nurseries that don’t treat seeds with pesticides that kill insects.

Rhododendron “Admiral Semmes

Native plants are also very important both to our landscape and our pollinators. From native Beautyberry and Ninebark to native hybrids of hydrangeas and coneflowers, we are offering many this year. All plants we offer come from local growers, many developed exclusively by the grower. Examples of just a few of the pollinator plants in this year’s Plant Sale include Rhododendron “Admiral Semmes” (yellow native azalea), Echinacea “Summer Sky” (apricot/rose coneflower), Chaenomeles speciosa “Scarlet Storm” (red flowering quince), Fothergilla “Mount Airy“, Coreopsis “Broad Street” (red/orange tickseed), and Ajuga “Mint Chip” (blue flowered bugle weed). And two of the plants offered this year are “Proven Winners®”, some of the best plant varieties available which have been trialed and tested to ensure gardening success.

And we are offering more types of fruit this year than ever before – you asked for it! In addition to blueberries, blackberries and raspberries, this year we also have two types of muscadines and a dwarf pomegranate.

Color photographs and plant descriptions of each of the plants offered can be found in the Brochure of plant descriptions and photographs

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